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        Senior Officers

Mr TSANG Wai-hung
Commissioner of Police
Mr MA Wai-luk, Alfred
Deputy Commissioner of Police, Management
Mr LO Wai-chung, Stephen
Deputy Commissioner of Police, Operations
Mr WONG Chi-hung, Tony
Director of Operations
Mr LO Mung-hung
Director of Crime and Security
Mr CHAU Kwok-leung, Alfred
Director of Personnel and Training
Mr LAU Yip-shing, Alan
Director of Management Services
Mr Robin IP
Director of Finance, Administration and Planning
Mr CHEUNG Tak-keung
Assistant Commissioner of Police, Operations
Mr LAM Man-wing
Assistant Commissioner of Police, Support
Mr AU Chi-kwong, Sonny
Assistant Commissioner of Police, Security
Assistant Commissioner of Police, Crime
Mrs NG TSUI Fung-ying, Pauline
Assistant Commissioner of Police, Personnel
Mr Paul LAU
Director of Hong Kong Police College
Mr Peter Roderick MORGAN
Assistant Commissioner of Police, Service Quality
Assistant Commissioner of Police, Information Systems
Mrs CHAN WONG Yan-lan, Elaine
Police Civil Secretary
Mr TAU Chung-hong
Financial Controller
Ms CHIU Wai-yin, Winnie
Regional Commander of Marine
Mr LI Kin-fai, Kenneth
Regional Commander of Hong Kong Island
Mr CHEUNG Kwai-kee
Regional Commander of Kowloon West
Miss LAU Chi-wai, Edwina
Regional Commander of New Territories South
Mr Richard MORGAN
Regional Commander of Kowloon East
Mr CHUNG Siu-yeung
Regional Commander of New Territories North

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