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        Police History:  Overview - The Future

The Hong Kong Police is one of the best-trained, most highly motivated and dedicated police forces in the world. International law enforcement bodies rank it among the most professional of its kind. It has also, to an almost unprecedented extent in Asia, won the trust and faith of the people it was created to serve.

The HKP is one of the largest city police forces; in size it rivals the Metropolitan Police of London and the New York Police Department. As for equipment, purpose-built community police stations, modern communications, computerised criminal records and other hi-tech aids to fight crime, the force is unrivalled.

This significant expenditure on infrastructure and equipment is important. But the major contribution to Hong Kong's envied status as a society in which the average man and woman, their families and property are protected comes not from anything money can buy, but from the men and women in police ranks. It is on their trusty shoulders the burden squarely rests. And their dedication and professionalism that create the true solid foundations for our city's reputation as a safe and secure community.

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Bullet Point  History - The First Century
Bullet Point  The Modern Era 1945-67
Bullet Point  Creating a Legend 1967-94
Bullet Point  Changes to the Policing Model and the Return of Sovereignty 1994-99
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Bullet Point  Women - An Equal Force
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