Police Band

Hong Kong Police Night for the Chest 2012
Hong Kong Police Night for the Chest 2012

The 170th Anniversary of the Hong Kong Police Force Charity Concert 2014
The 170th Anniversary of the Hong Kong Police Force Charity Concert 2014

Community Visit of the Hong Kong Federation of the Blind in 2015
Community Visit of the Hong Kong Federation of the Blind in 2015

The Hong Kong Police Band consists of both a Silver Band with 60 musicians and a Pipe Band with strength of 24. The Police Band is commanded by the Director of Music, Superintendent, with the aid of Chief Inspector, Deputy Director of Music and Inspector, Bandmaster. They are responsible to the Head of the School of Foundation Training, Police College who is also the ex-officio President of the Band. The Band is based in purpose-built accommodation, Peter Moor Building, in the Aberdeen Campus of Police College. It consists of offices, practice rooms, storage facilities and changing rooms.

Originally formed from serving officers in 1951 as the Police Silver Band under the direction of Director of Music, Mr W. B. Foster MBE, it had only 21 musicians. As the Band grew in strength, it became increasingly more difficult to reconcile police duties with musical rehearsals and engagements and it was decided that the Band would have full-time musicians, as they are today.

In 1954, the Police Pipe Band was formed to function separately or in conjunction with the Silver Band. The Mackintosh tartan, which the pipers wear, was adopted in recognition of a former Commissioner of Police, Mr. Duncan William MacIntosh and is worn by kind permission of the clan chief.

The Band plays an important part in the Force’s public and community relation programme and fulfils over 550 engagements on average each year. These performances include Force parades, Police Night, Officers' Mess functions and concerts. The band also plays for official events like the Flag-raising Ceremony of the HKSAR Establishment Day, the National Day, Government Dinners and the Honours and Awards Presentation Ceremony at the Government House. In addition, the Band participates in various functions organised by the Hong Kong Tourism Board, the Trade Development Council, Government departments and numerous charity organizations.

The Band has gained an international reputation in countries such as Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany, Japan and the United States. Past tours included San Francisco, Zurich, Los Angeles, Manchester and the London 'Hong Kong Festival'.

In 2010, the Band was invited to participate in the 10th Zurich Police Music Festival in September and performed with various bands from Switzerland, South Africa, the United States, Britain, the Netherlands and Australia, which again gained international applause. Moreover, the performances of the Hong Kong Week programme for the Shanghai Expo in October and the concert performances for the Asian Games in Guangzhou in December attracted millions of spectators and audiences.

In 2011, the Band was featured in the Grand Concert for the Celebration of 14th Anniversary of the Establishment of HKSAR and it was the very first time the band performed with the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Band of China in Hong Kong, which was extraordinarily well received.

In 2012, the Band was invited to participate in the 48th ‘Musikchau der Nationen’ (Music Show of Nations) in Bremen, Germany and the Hong Kong International Military Tattoo in celebrating the 15th Anniversary of the Establishment of HKSAR with the Bands from the United States, Scotland, Turkey, Australia, Russia and PLA Band of China, which were all very well received.

In 2013, the Band performed at Qingdao, Changchun and Changsha for the ‘Style Hong Kong Show’ organised by Trade Development Council for promoting Hong Kong brands and products. The Band also featured in the ‘Christmas Concert in the Park’, which was produced with TV live broadcasting by the Radio 4 of RTHK at Central & Western District Promenade on Christmas Eve. In 2014, the Band performed for the 170th Anniversary of the Hong Kong Police Force Charity Concert at City Hall with a renowned singer, Ms YIP La-yee and raised more than $2.2 million for two beneficiary charity organisations, namely, the Hong Kong Children Cancer Foundation and the Helping Hands. Recently, the Police Concert for Community 2016 held in the Hong Kong Cultural Centre raised $3.8 million for the Community Chest, support the services for children with Special Educational Needs.

Services Provided by the Hong Kong Police Band

Silver Band (Military Band)

The Silver Band (Military Band) plays quite a wide variety of music ranging from marches, light classical selections, modern up-to-date songs and local pop tunes. This combination is ideal for cocktail receptions, dinners, concerts and parades. The Band has an excellent reputation as one of the finest ceremonial and functional bands in Southeast Asia.

Pipe Band

The Pipe Band is made up of both bagpipers and drummers. They usually play for short marching displays, which require the flair and colour of tartan clad pipe band. Individual pipers may also be hired and are extremely popular for piping VIP guests into dinners and welcoming special guests.

Dance Band

A four to seven pieces dance band with optional singer(s) is available to provide background music and singing for functions like receptions and cocktail parties as well as playing modern easy listening music.

Fanfare Trumpet Team

The fanfare trumpet team is used to herald official opening ceremonies and arrivals. If you are looking for pomp and circumstance to highlight that special occasion, this is the best choice for you.

Brass Quintet

The Brass Quintet comprising five instruments is suitable for cocktail receptions, dinners and the light background music required occasions.

Chinese Music Ensemble

A two to 15 pieces of Chinese Instrument Ensemble provides flexible combinations of instruments and is suitable for all indoor functions.

Saxophone Quartet

A group of four Saxophone players with different sizes of the Saxophone provide a variety of different kind of music from Classic to Pop and Jazz. This is suitable for highlight performance or cocktail reception.

Dixieland Band

This is a group of nine to 12 pieces of brass and wind instrument playing Jazz music originated in New Orleans. Mobilization of this group is a big advantage to gain interaction from the audience, which is suitable for all kinds of performance venues.

Drum Team

A group of five to 11 drummers provides a full visual-audio performance with special optional effects including UV lighting and mobile Drum Racks.

Jazz Trio / Quartet

A group of three or four players including drum, saxophone, piano and electric bass (optional) provides leisure light Jazz music suitable for cocktail receptions, dinners and occasions requiring light background music.

For parties interested to invite or join the Police Band, please contact Mr TANG on 3660 5434 or E-mail to Bandmaster, Mr SO:bandmaster-pb@police.gov.hk for enquires.