Pat Heung Race 2024

To mark the 180th Anniversary of the Hong Kong Police Force and the 50th Anniversary of the Junior Police Call (JPC), Police Public Relations Wing (PRW) held the “PH Race 2024” at JPC@Pat Heung on 2024-03-23 (Saturday). Through sports and team competition, the event showcase the professionalism of the Police Force. The “PH Race 2024” takes place round the campsite of the JPC@PH of a total of 1.8m with 18-stages obstacle course embedded with police elements. Apart from police divisions and elite units, JPC members, students from secondary schools and higher education institutes as well as youngsters from other youth groups were invited to join the competition to enhance the youths’ understanding towards the Police Force.

Event Details

Date:23 March 2024 (Saturday)
Location:Pat Heung