Police 180th Anniversary Calendar

To celebrate the 180th anniversary of the establishment of the HKPF, the Public Relations Wing of HKPF has produced a 2024 calendar, turning a new page to 2024 with the public hand in hand.

Idea Generation of the Calendar

The calendar adopts Hong Kong and police buildings as the background, and matches with 12 selected police units as themes, including: Airport Security Unit, Crime Wing, Counter Terrorism Response Unit, Emergency Unit, Explosive Ordnance Disposal Bureau, Marine Police, Patrol Sub Unit, Police Tactical Unit, Quick Reaction Force, Special Duties Unit, Traffic Warden and Traffic Formation.

The design conceptualizes the idea that HKPF has been adhering to its duties and walking side by side with the public, since its establishment 180 years ago. Members of public are welcomed to mix and match different unit and equipment parts, to experience that HKPF has not only keeps abreast of the times, but also strives for excellence in our duties in safe guarding our city.

Stay tuned!