Police 180th Anniversary Model Cars

To celebrate the 180th anniversary of the police force, the Public Relations Wing of Hong Kong Police Force (HKPF) is launching five models of police cars and deluxe gift boxes. These include PTU tactical bus, EOD Operation Vehicle, small patrol car, Traffic patrol car and the saloon of Commissioner of Police.

Design Concept of the Models

The models are designed with the backdrop of the police college's parade ground and the "Guihe Bridge". All trainees must undergo marching training on this approximately 5,000 square meter ground to cultivate discipline, alertness, concentration, teamwork, and patience in order to cope with various challenges they may face in their frontline duties. When they graduate, they cross the "Guihe Bridge" to leave the parade ground, symbolizing their completion of all basic training and becoming true police officers. They inherit the excellent traditions of HKPF and the values we have always upheld, demonstrating the qualities of "loyalty" and "courage". They continue to actively respond to the rising expectations of the public, face difficulties, and overcome challenges.

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