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Hand-held phones demobilised

Use of hand-held mobile phones while driving was banned under new legislation introduced on July 1.

Force Motor Transport Officer Stuart Jones said Police welcomed the new legislation which would help ensure road safety. However, he added there was no exception in the law for officers for any form of emergency. Appropriate orders have been issued.

"Everybody has a story about people driving erratically whilst using a mobile phone, and these new laws help drivers keep in full-control of the vehicle at all times," Mr Jones said.

Applying to all, including Police drivers, he said the new law did not yet include the use of any other type of telecommunications equipment. However, this was scheduled to come into force next year.

"Communications Branch are working on equipment to enable police drivers who are on their own to use a police radio hands-free whilst behind the wheel," he said.

"Large police motorcycles are already fitted with hands-free equipment for the Traffic radio system, and prototype hands-free equipment for four-wheel vehicles was expected to be ready for testing soon."

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