New respirator pouch

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Police officers will be carrying a new respirator pouch from April.

The newly designed respirator bag will replace the old haversack, which has been in use for 10 years.

Designed by the Police Tactical Unit, Headquarters, the new product, currently being produced by the Correctional Services Industries, is expected to be more durable, easy to carry, waterproof and fire resistant.

The project officer, Senior Inspector Tam Kan-lun said: "The PTU HQ initiated a research in late 1999 to identify a suitable replacement. Several earlier samples were used by three PTU Companies under training, as well as the District Internal Security Companies and the Tango Company for trial but were found to be unsatisfactory.

"With the help of the CSI, we were able to design and produce a replacement which meets our requirements," SIP Tam said.

Newly designed respirator pouch

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