New boots for blue berets

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Police Tactical Unit (PTU) officers have just been issued with new Combat Boots which are made of waterproof and breathable material, and meet the highest safety standard for industrial safety footwear.

Officers under training at PTU have tried out the new boots, and found them comfortable and waterproof, as well as shock absorbent, while providing toe and sole protection.

"After a series of trial of available models on the market, we drew up our own specifications because none of the trial samples could meet our expectations," said the project officer, Senior Inspector Mr Ng Kai-kwong.

"Apart from the waterproof/breathable material, the soles of the new boots are made of 'Nitrile' rubber with better performance in durability and shock absorbency.

"The mid-sole insert is made of 'Kevlar', which is lighter and more flexible than steel but still retains the protection against penetration through the sole," Mr Ng added.

"They perform like running shoes," commented Police Constable, Mr Chan Chi-wai, after trying out the boots.

Another advantage of the new boots is the ankle area, which is fitted to prevent unnecessary twist injuries. Its height also fits PTU uniform and protects the lower shin area. Padded lining also creates better support and comfort. The bootlaces are made of "Nomax", which is a flame-retarded material also used in PTU gloves.

Finally, the project officer has advised PTU officers to choose their boots with a little extra space around the toe area because the toecap is made of metal, and will not meld to fit the shape of foot like ordinary shoes.

The new boots meet the occupational health standard

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