Marine Region plays host to Singaporean officers

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The Marine Region recently played host to four officers from the Singapore Police Coast Guard as a reciprocal arrangement to the five-day attachment to the Coast Guard by four junior Marine officers last year.

Assistant Superintendent (ASP) Christopher Choo from the Training Development Branch headed the Singaporean contingent, which also included Senior Staff Sergeant Abdul Razak, and two Staff Sergeants Sharul Fairouk Bin Khamis and Khoo Tin Keng. The busy schedule of their five-day study visit from March 8 to 13 included visits to all the major formations and units within Marine, including the Regional Command and Control Centre; the Marine Police Training School; the Trials and Maintenance Unit at Government Dockyard; the Deep Bay Barges; Cheung Chau Division and operational attachments on board different police craft.

One of the highlights of the programme was undoubtedly a nightime attachment in North Division with Small Boat Division on board a couple of their high-speed Cougartek interceptors.

After a first day courtesy call on the Acting Marine Regional Commander, Mr Peter Burbidge-King, the programme started in earnest with a hectic schedule of visits, briefings and attachments. The officers who were attached to Singapore last year, Station Sergeants Chan Shu-po and Chung Ping, and Sergeants Wong Kin-tat and Yung hon-kin, were on hand to meet and renew acquaintances with the visitors, and introduce Marine work.

At the conclusion of the visit, ASP Choo wrote on behalf of his team to thank all those officers who had helped to facilitate and make their attachment such a worthwhile experience. The Singaporean officers were also very appreciative of the tremendous generosity and hospitality shown by officers of the Force.

This was the third attachment by the Singapore Police Coast Guard to Marine Region, which intends to send more officers to Singapore later in the year.

Inside the wheelhouse of PL67 in MWDIV
Marine West Divisional Commander Stephen Ho briefing Singaporean officers at Tai Lam Operational Base
On board the deck of Police Barge 1
On board speedboats at Tsim Bei Tsui
On board speedboats at Tsim Bei Tsui
On board Police Barge moored at Deep Bay
Singaporean officers have visited major formations and units within the Marine Region

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