Provisional List
Hong Kong Police Deaths in the Course of Duty (1841-1941)

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Name Rank / Number Date of Death Remarks
Unknown Corporal of Police September 1844 Died of injuries sustained during an affray.
Thomas SMITHERS Inspector 31.8.1848 / 1.9.1848 Drowned when the Police Gunboat was sunk during a typhoon near Stanley on 31.8.1848/1.9.1848
Water Police Crew  
Andrew NICOLAS Manila Police Constable
John DE SANTO Manila Police Constable
Victor PEREZ Manila Police Constable
Colasso SANTIAGO Manila Police Constable
Julian DE SANTO Manila Police Constable
LE Ayee Chinese Police Constable
LE Ayut Chinese Police Constable
KWOCK Ayow Chinese Police Constable
CHU Amun Chinese Police Constable
Unknown Three Chinese cooks
Unknown A Portuguese crewman
John Francis HILL Acting Sergeant
Thomas SEYMOUR Acting Sergeant
Angelo BOLDARINI Police Constable
Andrew CHASE Police Constable
J. HARRISON Police Constable
James STAFFORD Police Constable
William TAYLOR Police Constable
Unknown European Constable Police Constable February 1848 Accidental gunshot wound at Aberdeen Station
Barker ALLEY Police Constable 15.10.1848 Shot attempting to board a suspected pirate junk in the harbour, whilst accompanying Superintendent Charles May.
Joaquim MARIA Police Constable 31.5.1860 Killed by a gang of burglars in Jervios Street, Sheung Wan
Ado Antonio DA ROCHA Police Constable
Lall KHAN Police Constable 339 7.8 1863 Killed whilst on patrol in Wanchai.
George William WEST* Police Constable 1.8.1870 Collapsed whilst scouting the hills above Wanchai.
Henry STROUD* Inspector 24.6.1875 Collapsed whilst on patrol.
Robert ANDERSON* Police Constable 1.2.1882 Whilst working as fireman. Killed in building collapse in Queen's Road West
Stephen FOX* Police Constable 17.11.1887 Whilst working as a fireman. Killed in a building collapse in Queen's Road West/Central?
Amer SINGH Police Constable 575 Nov.1894 Shot dead by a gang of robbers in Wing Lok Street, Sheung Wan.
Unknown Chinese Constable Police Constable 1894 Shot dead in the Mess Room at Central Police Station.
LAI Tak-sing Detective Constable 12.7.1895 Shot dead by a thief, in Gage Street, Central.
Aaron WILLIAMS* Police Constable 13.5.1906 On duty at City Hall during a theatrical performance on 12.5.1906. Accidentally fell from the first floor verandah onto the street and fractured his skull. .
Karm DEEN Lance Sergeant 627 28.8.1909 Ambushed by a gang at Tai Po Gap whilst escorting money ( Crown Rent) from Au Tau Station to Tai Po. Attacked with choppers and other weapons and killed.
Nawab KHAN Police Constable 877
Arthur Henry MILLS* Lance Sergeant 24.12.1909 Shot by robbers in Yaumatei.
Percy TRUE* Police Constable 1 4.11.1910 Drowned in the harbour following a collision between Police Boat No. 2 and the launch "Wah Ying" whilst on duty.
WONG Tseung-hing Police Constable
Baggat SINGH Lance Sergeant 703 14.8.1912 Killed by pirates during raid on Cheung Chau Island.
Jhanda SINGH Police Constable 769
Inder SINGH Police Constable 713
Ralph MILLER* Police Constable 4.8.1914 Accidentally shot whilst reporting on duty.
Ruttan SINGH Police Constable 9.3.1915 Mauled to death by tiger in Sheung Shui.
Ernest GOUCHER* Police Constable A 126 12.3.1915 Mauled by tiger in Sheung Shui on 9.3.1915. Died in Civil Hospital three days later.
LAU Lin Detective Police Constable 2.5.1917 Shot dead whilst searching a suspect near the border.
Norman Gibson JOHNSTON* Police Constable 13.2.1918 Shot whilst on patrol (believed to be the suspects confronted at Gresson Street on 22.2.1918).
Mortimer O'SULLIVAN# Inspector 22.2.1918 Shot during incident at No. 6 Gresson Street, Wanchai.
Henry Goscombe CLARKE* Detective Police Sergeant 87
KWONG Kui Police Constable 88
Moola SINGH Police Constable 402
KWONG Sang Police Constable 29 24.2.1918
Thomas Cecil GLENDINNING* Police Sergeant 48 17.7.1918 Shot by a subordinate in the Charge Room of Tai O Police Station, Lantau.
Albert TERRET* Detective Inspector 5.6.1919 Drowned in the East River, Guangdong, whilst on the way to Ho Yuen, to locate a suspect
CHAN Chu Police Constable 252 4.5.1919 Shot by robbers in Des Voeux Road, near Western Street.
LING Piu Police Constable 605 27.11.1919 Shot by robbers at West Point.
Richard Charles GARDINER* Lance Sergeant A1 27.12.1920 Shot by robbers in Reclamation Street Yaumatei.
SO Kin-cho Detective Police Constable 1922 Shot by robbers on the Sai Kung Ferry Launch at Shaukeiwan [Cunningham's list]
Michael Alexander COLE# Lance Sergeant A155 8.6.1923 Assistant Musketry Instructor. Accidentally shot whilst instructing recruits.
William Young HENDERSON* Acting Sub-Inspector 13.8.1923 Killed driving a Police motorcycle near Fan Ling Village, whilst returning to Tai Po Police Station.
SIN Chuen Detective Lance Sergeant C100 August 1923 Shot by robbers in Wing Wo Street. [Cunningham's list]
Unknown Indian Guard Special Guard 2.1.1924 Shot during pirate attack on S.S. "Tai Lee", between Wang Mun and Kong Mun.
Batchan SINGH Police Constable 20.4.1924 Shot near Kowloon Reservoir whilst on patrol. Revolver stolen.
Abdul KHALIK@ Police Constable B41 19.5.1925 Revolver snatched by two males whilst on duty at No. 3 Railway Bridge, Hung Hom. Shot by culprits.
Kushal KHAN@ Special Guard 23.6.1925 Stabbed in Bonham Strand West.
Niaz MOHAMMED@ Police Constable 8.7.1925 Revolver snatched by prisoner being escorted to Kowloon City Police Station. Shot dead.
Unknown Indian Guard Special Guard 12.9.1926 Wounded and killed during pirate attack on steam launch "Sai Kung", plying between Sai Kung and Hong Kong.
WAN Wong-chi Police Constable C569 7.12 1927 Shot by robbers following a robbery at the Mei Sum Restaurant in Queen's Road West at 01.30 hours on 7.12.1927.
CHAN Sing Police Constable C66 12.12 1927
TSE On Lance Sergeant 384 11.12.1930 Member of Police Anti-Communist Squad. Shot dead in the Nga Lok Restaurant, Yaumatei, whilst gathering intelligence.
Chaja SINGH Police Constable B9 21.7.1930 Shot by another officer at Lok Ma Chau Police Station, who also shot dead wife of OC LMC, Mrs. Dora Winifred Madgewick*.
Jawala SINGH Police Constable B120 1.5.1932 Revolver snatched by suspect in Shamshuipo on 5.4.1932. Shot by culprit. Died on 1.5.1932 from his wounds.
Mohammed DIN@ Special Guard 23 22.5.1934 Shot whilst on duty on Bowen Road near Stubbs Road. Revolver stolen [AR 1934.]
Sahib SINGH Police Constable B695 26.7.1936 Shot by another officer in Central Police Station.
Mahmud KHAN@ Special Guard 456 9.9.1936 Strangled with rope whilst on duty in Pokfulam Road, near Queen Mary Hospital
John Edward SCOTT* Police Sergeant A61 2.7.1937 The Police Armourer. Accidentally shot at Police Headquarters, whilst inspecting a defective revolver.
Kaka SINGH Police Constable B449 13.8.1937 Shot by another officer near Tai Mei Tuk Village.
Surta SINGH Police Constable B750 21.2.1939 Killed during Japanese aerial bombing raid in the vicinity of Lo Wu railhead.
WAN Man Detective Police Constable C612 5.6.1939 Shot by bank robbers in Queen's Road Central
LI Yim Detective Police Constable C490 1940 Shot by robbers in Sha Tau Kok. [Cunningham's list.]
LEUNG Kam-yin Detective Police Constable C71
IP Hing Detective Police Constable C519 1940 Shot by robbers in Tai O. [Cunningham's list.]

* - Buried in Hong Kong Cemetery, Happy Valley.

# - Buried in St. Michaels Cemetery, Happy Valley.

@ - Buried in Muslim Cemetery, Happy Valley.

Cunningham's list - List prepared by Chief Inspector Cunningham, CI (A) "E", in July 1948.

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