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Crime officers to receive training on new pistol


In order to replace the DS Colt revolvers currently used by crime officers, the Force conducted an open tender exercise in mid-2006 to procure new pistols. After all submitted samples had been tested in accordance with procurement procedures in November last year, the Force ordered 3,900 9mm semi-automatic pistol [model: SIG P250] from a German firearms manufacturer for use by Crime officers. The first batch of 1,900 new pistols arrived in March this year.

Armoury PCs being trained on the handling and maintenance of the new pistol

The SIG P250 is a new pistol. Its design focuses on safe operation and ease of use, and it is an ideal police handgun. It is more convenient for concealed carriage than the DS Colt revolver, and has the following features:

* Hammer striking firing mechanism - similar to a DS Colt revolver;

* Double action trigger (DAO) - a safety feature;

* Fully concealed hammer - a safety feature;

* "Drop safety" internal safety features which ensure no accidental discharge if the pistol is dropped - safety feature;

* Trigger travel distance of about 13 to 14 mm, which is similar to that of the Colt DS revolver;

* Trigger-pull force is 9 to 10 pounds, which is similar to that of the DS Colt revolvers;

* Less recoil than the DS Colt revolver;

* Suitable for both left handed and right handed firers (after appropriate modification) , and

* Interchangeable handgrips in three different sizes.

To ensure that officers can discharge their duties safely and effectively with the use of the new pistol, the Police College will provide a three-day course which will include the following main learning points:

* Normal safety precautions;

* SIG SAUER P250 semi-automatic pistol specifications;

* Stripping, assembling and cleaning;

* Firing action, basic skills and handling;

* Concealed carriage and drawing method;

* Weapon retention;

* Firearms inspection procedures;

* Loading and unloading, and

* Pistol security and maintenance.

Training for the use of the new pistol is expected to commence in May this year. Crime officers from Crime Wing Headquarters and Hong Kong Island Region will receive the training first, followed by Kowloon West, Kowloon East, New Territories North, New Territories South and Marine Region. The training will be conducted at one of the following three ranges:

* Mount Butler 25 Metres Firing Range,

* Police Headquarters Indoor Firing Range, or

* Police College (Aberdeen) Indoor Firing Range.

To tie in with the use of the new pistol, the Police College is also offering one-day training for armoury PCs to familiarise them with the handling and maintenance of the new pistol.

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