Be a key player in passing torch of Force knowledge!

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If you want to join the Police College's Knowledge Management (KM) team and KM Champions in taking Force KM forward, apply now for the appointment of Peer Adviser or Knowledge Management Administrator. Their respective roles and responsibilities are as follows.

Peer Adviser:

As a call-up adviser to provide suggestions or opinions to colleagues according to his or her professional fields of knowledge and experience.

Knowledge Management Administrator:

As a volunteer to assist KM Champions or the Police College's KM Team in organising publicity campaigns and implementing KM development initiatives.

Selected Peer Advisers and Knowledge Management Administrators will work on a voluntary basis and receive induction training and/or local or overseas KM training programmes.

For more information, refer to the website of K-life and KM e-Newsletter, via POINT > POWER > K-life, or contact Seleri Chiang, SP RC (Tel: 2860-5770; PEN: sp-rc), or Frederic Choi, CIP RC (Tel: 2860-4148; PEN: cip-rc).

The deadline for application is April 30.

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