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Police Constable (PC) Chow Tai-man and Woman PC Tso Man-ting have been awarded a Bachelor Degree of Science in Criminal Justice by the Tarlac State University of the Philippines. Their achievements represent another success story of Force members pursuing lifelong learning in their free time.

The two officers received their degrees at the university on April 22, after completing a three-year course in Hong Kong.

PC Chow, from an Accidents Investigation Team of New Territories South, has this to say about his part-time studies: "I've attended class and gathered information for my examination. Now that I've obtained a degree, my efforts over the years have not gone down the drain. I must thank my wife for her support for my part-time studies."

He added: "I have not only acquired a higher academic qualification, but also come to know classmates from other disciplinary services and the legal profession. In class, we had discussions on the course and exchanges on our jobs.

"What the course taught is useful and a big help for what I do every day. For example, the subject of 'Organisational Behaviours' has improved my management skills and enabled me to play the roles of a team leader. 'Criminal Investigation' has brushed up my investigation skills and is helpful for my jobs of investigating traffic accidents, gathering evidence at the scene and finding out the causes of an accident through objective thinking and analysis."

For WPC Tso, obtaining her university degree is a dream coming true. She said: "Though I didn't get any degree as a student, I never gave up. After passing out from the Police College, I gathered a lot of information concerning degree courses, and finally chose the Criminal Justice Course. What I've learned from the course will benefit my job and career development.

"Over the past three years, working as a police officer and studying in my free time was no easy task for me. Though I was psychologically prepared, 24 hours a day were hardly adequate for me to make the necessary adjustments and arrangements. During the process I had made a lot of choices. Now I have to start planning for my next goal," she added.

The officers have set higher goals after obtaining their degrees

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