New KM Ambassadors complete training

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After attending a certificate programme organised by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, eight Knowledge Management (KM) Ambassadors have gained a holistic view of KM. They have gone through intensive training after work for two months, including two three-hour lectures per week.

Apart from KM theories, strategies, implementation plans and case studies, the KM Ambassadors have had the opportunity to interact with KM practitioners from other government departments and the business sector.

Coming from different ranks and with different backgrounds, those officers were nominated to attend the certificate programme when they volunteered to serve as KM Administrators or Peer Advisers last year. No doubt, their training has equipped them with the most relevant knowledge to develop KM within the Force. They have come to learn more about the power of collaborative tools for driving knowledge sharing behaviour. Web 2.0 tools are good examples, providing an effective platform for fostering collective wisdom.

The new KM Ambassadors have favourable comments on the programme training. Police Constable Cheng Ching-pong, who is a KM Administrator to assist in exploring collaborative computer applications, said he treasured the training because he not only had come to know about the potential of KM but also had access to the tools for promoting knowledge sharing outside the computer.

Senior Inspector Wong Ka-keung, who had assisted in organising the Knowledge Cafe, said he had gained a comprehensive view of KM and had become more confident in promoting KM within the Force.

For Woman Chief Inspector Chan Sin, who is responsible for promoting e-Learning within the Force, the programme training provided knowledge of how to combine KM and e-Learning to further improve the quality of training.

As the Force has accumulated a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience in diverse fields of police work, it is a big challenge to effectively capture, organise and share all invaluable experience among officers. "Knowledge management cannot be successful without the contribution by everyone in the Force. It is the accumulation of experience and knowledge in the last century that has made who we are today. Therefore, the continuing development of KM is vital to the Force today and in the years to come. The successful driving of KM sharing rests with the continuing support and contribution by all Force members," said Superintendent Tan Wing-yuen, who has received the programme training.

These new KM Ambassadors are poised to play their roles in promoting KM within the Force

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