Former Israeli Chief Negotiator conducts PNC training

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At the invitation of the Police Negotiation Cadre (PNC), a former Chief Negotiator of Israel Police Force, Mr Shmuel Zoltak, recently conducted a three-day workshop on "Advanced Counter Terrorism Negotiation". 

A Chief Negotiator for over 15 years, Mr Zoltak had peacefully managed and resolved hundreds of crisis situations related to hostage-taking, kidnapping and criminal or terrorist activities.  

In the workshop, Mr Zoltak discussed the historical background and the rise of terrorism and elaborated on extensive case studies such as the hostage-taking incidents in the Bolshevik Theatre in 2002, the Beslan School in 2004 and the terrorist attack in Mumbai in 2008.  He then analysed the roles and functions of negotiation in crisis incidents and the effectiveness of intelligence-led negotiation.

Mr Zoltak also analysed the ideologies and characteristics of the Islamic religion and culture, such as its process and methods of arbitration, enlightening the audience on the use of techniques, such as use of a third party in crisis intervention. He went on to explore the psychology of suicide bombers and his research on the motives of suicide bombers and their families.
Besides PNC members, Mr Zoltak also conducted a half-day sharing session for officers from other counter-terrorism units, including SDU, EOD, CTRU, CTIS, EU, PSG, Marine Region and Rail District.

Mr Zoltak sharing his expertise with the audience


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