'E' Department (Finance, Administration & Planning)

Administration Wing

is divided into two divisions:

Personnel and General Division

The Division looks after the Force’s civilian staff in matters concerning conduct and discipline, training, appointments, performance management and conditions of service.

Establishment and Civilian Staff Relations Division

The Division manages the creation and deletion of permanent and supernumerary posts and temporary redeployment of posts for operational needs. In addition, it promotes good relations among civilian staff.

Finance Wing

comprises of three divisions:

Finance Division

Provides a wide range of essential support services. Its primary role is the control of total expenditure and the provision of relevant, accurate and timely financial information to various levels of the management for the effective management of financial resources. It deals with the management and control of all financial matters and transactions relating to revenue and expenditure. It co-ordinates the Force bids for resources in the annual Resource Allocation Exercise and Draft Estimates. It also provides forensic accounting and support services to the Police in relation to crime investigation and prosecution.

Internal Audit Division

Is responsible for providing independent appraisals of Force activities that fall within its work charter. It audits police formations to ensure financial and accounting procedures are properly followed. It also advises on general accounting procedures and recommends improvements.

Stores Management Division

Is responsible for the procurement, supply, storage and issue of uniforms, accoutrements, equipment, arms, ammunition, stationery, office equipment, communications equipment and furniture.

Planning and Development Branch

The Planning and Development Branch (P&D) is responsible for the planning and development of new police buildings and facilities. Through monitoring the territory’s infrastructural development and population growth, the P&D coordinates planning strategies on Force property and accommodation.

The Branch also oversees the large-scale maintenance and improvement programmes for all existing police buildings and facilities, to ensure proper maintenance and to enhance their quality, standards and operational efficiency.