e-Report Room

'e-Report Room' is designed for non-emergency report or enquiry.  Instant response to the report or enquiry will not be available.   In case of emergency, please call 999 or contact the nearest police station.

The Hong Kong Police only has jurisdiction in the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong.  For report of events which occurred outside Hong Kong, please click here for links to other police forces / departments around the world.


Please note that making a false report and wasting police time both incur criminal penalties. In addition, any misuse of this facility from outside of Hong Kong will be reported to the local jurisdiction in which it occurred. The Hong Kong Police also reserve the right to take civil action against any party involved in such misuse.

Report by Telephone / SMS / Fax / Police Stations
Web page element  For emergency assistance, please dial 999.
Web page element  For other non-emergency assistance, please dial to nearby Police Stations
Web page element  992 SMS Emergency Hotline Service / Fax Service (PDF format)
Web page element  Addresses of all Police Station Report Room / Telephone Numbers / Fax Numbers

Online Report Forms
Web page element  Report Cyber Crime
Web page element  Provide Crime Information
Web page element  Lost Property
Web page element  Lost Property (Visitor)
Web page element  Telephone Nuisance
Web page element  Vehicle Obstruction
Web page element  Noise Nuisance

Other Services
Web page element  General Enquiries
Web page element  Compliment our Police Officers
Web page element  Unjustified Issue of Fixed Penalty Ticket
Web page element  Complaint Against Police