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The Hong Kong Police Force launched ‘Hong Kong Police Mobile Application’ on 18 July 2012 with a view to engaging the community and strengthening the communication with different sectors of the society. By using this mobile application on smart phones, people are provided with access to the latest police information at anytime and anywhere.

The Force launched the HKP Mobile App Version 2.5 on 31 October 2016 with the following features/improvements implemented:

a) A Key Message Box will pop up whenever the App is opened;
b) A Search function at the “Contact Us” section has been created and users may search police contacts more efficiently;
c) The Home screen can now be customised by the users; and,
d) Videos clips can be sent and played in the “Push Message”.

To experience the HKP Mobile App, you can download it either from “App Store” or “Google Play”. For those who have already installed the App, you can update the App to the latest Version 2.5 via “App Store” or “Google Play”.

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