Notification of Public Meeting / Notification of Public Procession

Police Messages


This website contains statutory requirements and general information, and also conditions / revised conditions imposed in respect of public meetings and public processions notified under section 8 or 13A of the Public Order Ordinance (Cap.245). The information provided on this website is for general reference only.

The Force endeavors to put on this website the above-mentioned conditions / revised conditions as soon as possible and before a notifiable and notified public meeting or procession takes place. However, it is possible that this cannot be done on time due to short notice being given by the organizer to the Police or other unforeseen circumstances.

The Police issues signed reply letters to organizers which are entitled “Notification of Public Meeting” or “Notification of Public Procession”, as the case may be. In the event there is any inconsistency between the contents of such reply letters and the contents of this website, readers should take the former as correct.

As required by the Public Order Ordinance (Cap. 245), there shall be present throughout a public meeting or procession the organizer or, if he is not present, a person nominated by him to act in his place, and such organizer or person shall comply forthwith any direction given to him by a police officer for ensuring that public order and public safety are maintained. Publication of information of a public meeting or procession on this website does not affect the legal obligations of the organizer or the person who acts in his place.

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