Police Magazine

Police Magazine is jointly produced by Police Public Relations Branch and Radio & Television Hong Kong. Since 1973, Police Magazine has been advising the audience on the latest crime trend and crime prevention tips. It advocates the co-operation between citizens and Police in the fight of crime. Meanwhile, through Police Magazine members of the public would be able to understand the work of different police departments and their latest developments.

In the TV Programme Appreciation Index Survey 2018 (2nd Stage), Police Magazine ranked 2nd among 80 other TV programmes excluding those of news and finance. The result reflected that the programme content and filming angle were supported by the general public. The asurvey included local produced programmes broadcasting on TVB Jade and J2, ViuTV, RTHK31 and Cable TV between 2018-07-03 and 2018-07-17. A total of 2,005 citizens aged 9 or above speaking Cantonese were interviewed over the phone. Apart from HKU POP, a committee comprising of practitioners of TV broadcasting, academia and the advertising sectors was set up to decide content of questionnaire, survey methodology and selection of TV programmes, as a key to ensuring a fair and creditable survey.

Police Magazine

"Police Magazine" is currently broadcast at the following channels:

1. RTHK 31 & 31A Wednesday 2000 - 2030 hrs
2. Cable TV (Channel 110) Wednesday 2300 - 2330 hrs
3. ViuTV Friday 1800 - 1900 hrs

For "Police Report", it is broadcast as follows:

1. RTHK 31 & 31A Monday 1755 - 1800 hrs

"Police Bulletin" is broadcast as follows:

1. Cable TV (Channel 109) Sunday 0815 – 0820 hrs
2. Cable TV (Channel 110) Sunday 1200 – 1205 hrs

To introduce the latest crime trend and Force news, we would like to take the opportunity to share with you footages in the following channels.

“Police Magazine”: “Police Report”:
HKPF Youtube Channel HKPF Youtube Channel
RTHK Podcast Channel RTHK Podcast Channel