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Latest Scam Alerts

Beware of “Online Romance Scam x Bogus Law Enforcement Authority” Reloading Scam

Recently, overseas residents reported to officers of the “Anti-Scam Helpline 18222” that fraudsters had been using social media to approach and develop love relationships with victims. They would request the victims to make money transfers with different pretexts.

Beware of Phone Scammers Impersonating Staff of the Inland Revenue Department

Members of the public have recently received calls from phone scammers impersonating staff of the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) and claiming that the call recipients were to be fined for questionable tax issues.

Telephone Deception (Impersonating Staff of Courier Companies)

Members of the public received calls from swindlers who pretended to be staff of courier companies. The swindlers claimed that the identities of the victims were stolen to send parcels and the parcels were in custody by the customs.

Buying or Selling Online? Be Cautious! Avoid Traps Incurring Loses!

Remittance Fraud against Money Service Operators

Recently, it has come to the attention of the Police that fraudsters have been deceiving Money Service Operators (MSO) by showing counterfeit bank deposit slips and identity documents via instant message.

Online Concert Ticket Trading Fraud

Swindlers would pretend to put concert tickets up for sale on online social/shopping platforms. The victims would fail to collect their concert tickets after making payments.

Beware of Compensated Dating Scam

“Mainland Official” Phone Scammers Back at Work!

It has recently come to the Police’s attention that swindlers are making fraudulent phone calls again by impersonating Mainland officials. Please stay alert!

【Madam Kuo's advice!】

Beware of romance scam and say no to the scammers! Stay tuned for the advice from gorgeous Madam KUO!

“Pretend Mainland Official” Telephone Deception Spreading Overseas

Since early 2018, telephone deception has been spreading to overseas Chinese communities. Please remind your relatives and friends residing overseas to stay alert.

Beware of Employment Fraud

Be aware of employment fraud and see how these three athletes tell you the way of not falling into vicitims!

Snapshot of Romance Scam

Snapshot of Romance Scam