Hong Kong Island Region
Best Security Services Awards 2014-2015

The Hong Kong Island Regional Crime Prevention Office organized the “Hong Kong Island Best Security Services Awards 2014-2015 Presentation Ceremony” on 2015-12-03. A total of 222 property management units were presented with Outstanding Industrial / Commercial Property Management Award or Outstanding Residential Property Management Award, while 200 security personnel were presented with Outstanding Security Personnel Award or The Best Security Personnel Award.

A Selection Panel comprising representatives from the Security and Guarding Services Industry Authority, the four District Fight Crime Committees of Hong Kong Island, Teens and Elderly Mission Committee and Crime Hong Kong Island Regional Headquarters, also selected ten of the awardees as The Best Top Ten Security Personnel. All the awardees made great contributions at their own posts to preventing crime and protecting their clients’ property. They also assisted the Police in saving lives, preventing phone scams and arresting culprits in crimes.

Officiating at the presentation ceremony, Hong Kong Island Regional Commander TANG Ping-keung also commended 30 bank staff members and money service operators for their assistance in thwarting a total of 15 phone scams in the past twelve months. Representatives from various companies, organizations and institutions were also invited to attend the presentation ceremony in which they were thanked for their enthusiastic support and aid given to the Police on promoting crime prevention.

Hong Kong Island Region Best Security Services Awards 2014-2015