Kowloon East Best Security Services Awards Presentation Ceremony

Kowloon East Regional Crime Prevention Office (RCPO KE), Security & Guarding Services Industry Authority and Hong Kong Association of Property Management Companies jointly hosted the “2015-2016 Kowloon East Best Security Services Awards Presentation Ceremony” at Police Sports and Recreation Club, Boundary Street, Kowloon on 20th October 2016.

This year, the 11th year of the ceremony, a total of 373 awards were presented including 97 awardees presented with “The Outstanding Partner” and “Best Partner Award”, 229 presented with “The Outstanding Security Personnel Award” and 47 presented with “The Best Security Personnel Award”. One gold, one silver and one bronze awards were presented to the winners as chosen from the 47 best security personnel awardees. The gold award winner of Best Security Personnel of this year was Ms LAU Lai-king. Ms LAU displayed high standard of alertness and professionalism whilst on duty in Lower Ngau Tau Kok Estate. Ms LAU noticed an elderly female resident looking nervous and hurrying off the lift lobby. On her own initiative, Ms LAU approached the resident to make enquiries. She learnt that the elderly woman just received a call from a male stranger whom claimed that her son was kidnapped and a ransom was demanded for the release of her son. The elderly resident was instructed not to disclose this incident to anyone. Having learnt that, Ms LAU suspected that it was a scam. She persuaded the elderly resident not to transfer any money and assisted the elderly resident to contact her family first. Later, the elderly woman successfully contacted her family and confirmed that her son was safe. Afterwards, Ms LAU accompanied the elderly resident to make a report to the police. In this incident, Ms LAU goes extra mile to timely prevent a telephone deception case and safeguarded the property of a resident, displaying alertness, thoughtfulness and professionalism whilst on duty. Ms LAU was applauded for her professionalism and outstanding performance.

The ceremony was officiated by Regional Commander Kowloon East (RC KE), Mr. D.C. McCosh. The awards were presented by RC KE, the Chairman of Security and Guarding Services Industry Authority (SGSIA), Mr. CHAM Ka-hung, BBS, MH, JP, the representatives of HK Association of Property Management Companies (HKAPM), the Chairpersons of Wong Tai Sin, Kwun Tong and Sai Kung District Fight Crime Committees (DFCCs), District Commanders of Kwun Tong District, Sau Mau Ping District, Railway District, Deputy District Commander of Wong Tai Sin District, Senior Superintendent of Crime Kowloon East, Superintendent Administration & Support of Crime Kowloon East and Superintendent of Crime Prevention Bureau.

The award presentation forms part of a crime prevention initiative of KE Region, namely, “Public Rental Housing Estate Access Control Project” – to enhance access control of visitors, to remain alert and to prevent burglaries in public housing estates. Speaking at the ceremony, RC KE highlighted that the core duty of the Police in Hong Kong is to protect life and property as well as maintain law and order, it is essential that security staff form an integral part of this effort. RC KE expressed heartfelt gratitude to all awardees for their outstanding performance in helping the police fight crimes, extended sincere thanks to all security services companies, property management companies and owner’s corporations for their support, contribution and close collaboration with the police in crime prevention to keep Hong Kong to be the one of the world's safest and most stable societies.