Employment and Modelling Fraud Fight Scams Together

Latest Case Scenario

Lately, there were job offers posted on social media platform recruiting youngsters to fabricate positive comments for online shops.  Job experience was not required and teenagers under 16 were also recruited.  People who applied the jobs were requested to pay upfront fee, which would not be returned until they had made hundreds of positive comments for specific online shops.

Other modus operandi (1)

Job offers, which did not require high educational qualification but offered attractive remuneration, were posted on local Internet discussion forums or newspapers.  When victims responded, they were enticed to pay employment deposits to secure their job offers, or required to pay for licence, work permit or training course.  In case of fraudulent offers hiring models or voice-over talents, victims were persuaded to pay upfront fee for beauty packages, photo-shooting packages or related training courses organized by their associated companies.  Normally, the victims were required to pay several hundred to several thousand dollars for the upfront fee.  In fact, after paying the upfront fee, the lucrative jobs never came true.

Other modus operandi (2)

Culprits posted job offers via social media network to attract young job-seekers.  After obtaining applicants’ personal data, the culprits forged salary proof with the personal data and persuaded victims to apply loans from banks or financial institutions.  The culprits alleged that the job applicants would not need to make repayment and would be rewarded about 10% of loan amount as commission.  After successful loan applications, the culprits became out of contact and the liabilities went to the applicants.  Even worse, the applicants would have possibly committed offences like ‘Fraud’ or ‘Using a False Instrument’ as they had applied loans with forged documents. 

Other modus operandi (3)

Some victims were invited to job interviews in a public place, such as café or park.  The fraudsters then made up excuses, took possession of victims’property such as mobile phones or HKID card, and fled.

What is our advice?

  • Do not apply loans for others by submitting forged documents;
  • Understand the company background, business, job nature and work location before attending recruitment interviews;
  • Pay attention to whether the remuneration are commensurate with the qualification required;
  • Be cautious to lucrative job offers, which do not require any job-related skills;
  • Do not post your personal details on the Internet.  Do not trust the Internet job advertisements or messages too readily;
  • Do not pay any upfront fees, as this normally indicates something suspicious;
  • Be alert when dissuaded from asking your family or friends for advice;
  • Keep your own belongings within your sight during job interview; and
  • Avoid unnecessary body contact and reject any indecent request during job interview.