Advance Fee Fraud Fight Scams Together

Latest Case Scenario

Victim met the culprits through Social Media Network. After getting acquainted through the Internet, the culprit told Victim that he had sent a parcel full of cash totally amounting to US$400,000 to her. Victim later received a phone call from an alleged courier who stated that they found the cash inside the parcel, and as a result an extra handling fee, amounting to HK$200,000 was required before she could collect the parcel. After making remittance, Victim lost contact with the culprits and she did not get her parcel.

How does it work?

Advance Fee Fraud is a scheme devised by the culprits to lure prospective victims to make an advance payment in respect of a deal, which does not exist. The culprits approach Victim through various means such as telephone call, e-mail and most recently via social media network to build up a relationship. Having won over the confidence of the Victims, culprits would entice them, for various reasons to remit money into their bank accounts. When payment is received, culprits would disappear.

What is our advice?

  • Be vigilant if someone seeks to establish a friendship with you via the virtual platform;
  • Use common sense and think carefully, ask yourself why do you need to make payment or is it necessary to do so; and
  • If in doubt, contact or report the case to the Police immediately.