Insurance Fraud Fight Scams Together

Latest Case Scenario

Police recently received a number of complaints in which some people disguised themselves as insurance intermediaries and sold vehicle insurance with lower premium to deceive vehicle owners. However, after paying the premium, the vehicle owners found that the cover notes or the formal insurance policies received were forged documents, thus they suffered from monetary loss and potential risks.

How does it work?

Fraudsters, pretending as insurance intermediaries, contact victims through their websites, online social media or mobile messaging applications, and lure victims to buy vehicle insurance through them by offering a lower premium. The fraudsters would instruct the victims to submit information for policy application through mobile phone and to deposit the premium into a designated personal bank account. The cover note will be sent through mobile phone to the victims while the formal policy document will be sent by post. However, these policy documents are all forged, and the policy application for the victims’ vehicles has never been made with the insurance company concerned.

What is our advice?

  • Take out a vehicle insurance policy directly from an insurance company or an agent with good reputation.
  • Check with the insurance company on the insurance policy taken upon receipt.
  • Avoid taking out a vehicle insurance policy from a salesperson with dubious identity.
  • Avoid making deposits for the premium into a personal bank account.
  • If you feel suspicious on the salesperson, make an enquiry with the insurance company directly.
  • If you confirm that your vehicle is not covered by the policy of the insurance company concerned, take out another vehicle insurance policy immediately and report the case to the Police as soon as possible.