Technology Crime Related to Online Games Fight Scams Together

How does it work?

  • Illegal access to an online game account without authorization.
  • Illegal transfer of an online game account without authorization.
  • Deception during the transaction of “accounts”, “roles”, “props” or “instruments”.
  • Selling a third-party “account” or “role” to victims using deceptive tactics.
  • Victim fails to recover “props” or “ instruments” that have been borrowed to others while playing online games.

What is our advice?

  • Don’t share a game account with others;
  • Use a proper password and change it regularly;
  • Avoid using unknown or non-encrypted free Wi-Fi networks or use    computers accessible to the public to conduct online banking transactions, check personal emails or conduct other operations which involve sensitive information;
  • Don’t download software which is suspicious in source or in nature to avoid being compromised by malicious programmes;
  • Don’t pay others money or game data unless you are sure the transaction partner is trustworthy; and
  • Check personal online game account regularly.  Once any irregularities occurred, contact the game provider immediately.  Report to the Police if necessary.