Fake Mooncake Redemption Coupon Fight Scams Together

Latest Case Scenario

Fraudsters made fake copies of the mooncake redemption coupons using offsetting printing or simply colour photocopying machines. The counterfeit coupons were either sold via the Internet at a much cheaper price or redeemed during the busiest hours of the shops.

How does it work?

Mooncake redemption coupons of lower price were posted on local Internet discussion forums. While lower prices are certainly a huge part of the appeal, people were often attracted and responded. Fraudsters would then handover the coupons to the victims at a place convenient to run off such as MTR Station. Victims after buying the coupons with cash then realized the coupons were fake when they checked them seriously or redeemed at the cake shops concerned.

On the other hand, the fraudsters would target bakery shops or restaurants where there is limited manpower and they would tender a number of fake coupons mixed with genuine ones to redeem mooncakes during the busiest business hours.

What is our advice?

  • Do not buy mooncake redemption coupons from unknown sources
  • Enquire with the concerned companies if someone offers you mooncake redemption coupons at a price lower than the market price
  • Alert the seniors not to be tempted by small advantage to avoid loss
  • If you have any queries, call the police immediately