Social Media Deception Fight Scams Together

How does it work?


  1. Swindlers logged in social media accounts with login names or email addresses and passwords acquired by illegal means.  They then posed as the users of these accounts and sent deceptive messages to the users’ friends on the contact lists, requesting them to buy virtual point cards or reload cards on their behalf.  They also asked for the serial numbers/authorization codes and passwords on the cards, and then could not be reached after getting such information.
  2. The victim befriended someone (the swindler) online via a social medium and was asked to meet each other in person.  When they met, the swindler made up various reasons to borrow the smartphone from the victim and then fled.
  3. The victim met a female (the swindler) online via a social medium.  When the victim asked her out, the female swindler asked for a deposit as a guarantee of her personal safety.  Swindlers mostly asked victims to buy online game virtual point cards or reload cards, obtained the serial numbers/authorization codes and the passwords as guarantees, and could not be contacted thereafter.

What is our advice?

  • Do not casually open emails, attachments and links from unknown sources, so as to avoid being infected by malicious software (malware) that can be used to steal your email passwords and other information.
  • Avoid using the same password in different social media or platforms.
  • Set proper passwords and change passwords regularly.
  • Change the default password set for you by a social medium, such as the personal identification number (PIN) for carrying over your social media account to a new smartphone.
  • Keep your smartphone’s operation system and applications (apps) up-to-date.  Update your social media apps as well.
  • If you receive any request via social media for money transactions or buying virtual point cards or reload cards, verify the identity of the sender and the validity of the request.
  • Remember to be cautious when making friends via social media, and remain vigilant at any time.