Investment Fraud Fight Scams Together

Latest Case Scenario

Recently, the Commercial Crime Bureau of the Hong Kong Police received reports from members of the public who suspected that they had fallen prey to foreign currency investment scams. They had all bought some investment products claiming that high return or capital protection were guaranteed, which included foreign exchange, gold mine or original stock about to be listed in overseas stock markets. However, a few months later, the agents of the relevant investment products notified victims that due to some problem in the investments, or claimed that the investment objectives could not be met due to market fluctuation, as a result, the investment capital of the victims had completely lost. Finally, the investment companies even closed down and the persons in charge disappeared.

How does it work?

Fraudsters usually keep persuading victims to make investment decisions immediately, using excuses such as the subscription period will be over very soon. Fraudsters will also claim that the guaranteed investment is of “high return and low risk”.

What is our advice?

  • Discuss with your family members and consult qualified person for professional advice before investing in any products to avoid suffering from unnecessary financial loss.
  • Remember to consider thoroughly and recognise the risks involved before making investment, especially for those investment products you are unfamiliar with.
  • Make enquiries with the relevant regulatory body to see if the high-return investment products exist.
  • Enrich your financial and wealth management knowledge by paying attention to the scam prevention information provided by the Investor Education Centre and the Police to avoid falling prey to such scams.
  • In case of doubt, report the case to the Police as soon as possible.

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