Festive Occasions Security Tips

Crime Matters

Crime Prevention Bureau(CPB)

Many people, especially youngsters, love to go out for parties in celebration of major festivals. However, as festive ambience tends to weaken their vigilance, youngsters are particularly easy to fall prey to sexual assault. Although the public are in general more conscious of personal safety nowadays, it is still essential that they stay watchful every single minute.

Police Advice

  • While having alcoholic beverages, do not drink beyond your capacity, for fear that others will capitalise on the opportunity when you are drunk;
  • Be aware of drinks spiked with soporific or psychotropic substances that could render a person disoriented and unconscious, thus more vulnerable to sexual assault;
  • Do not be misled by the misconception that “one sip won’t lead to addiction”. Stay away from drugs;
  • Keep an eye on your own drinks and do not share drinks;
  • Do not accept beverages offered by strangers;
  • Opt for unopened bottled or canned drinks instead of those served in glasses;
  • Ask for the company of friends or people you know, or of someone who does not drink so that he/she can take care of the drunks;
  • Take care of your personal belongings while having fun at parties or festival occasions; and
  • If your personal safety is threatened, scream and dial 999.