Holiday Crime Prevention Advice

Crime Matters

Crime Prevention Bureau(CPB)

Hong Kong is a safe city but one can still fall victim to crime. However, the risk can be greatly reduced by adopting simple preventive measures.

Domestic Security

A lot of people prefer to travel abroad during long holidays – leaving homes unattended. In view of this, you are strongly advised to:

  • Lock the doors and windows of your home properly;
  • Make use of bank deposit boxes to store valuable items;
  • Ask neighbours to help collect letters, newspapers and magazines from your letterbox, as burglars can tell the house is unattended by the piles of letters;
  • Make use of timers - preset the lights and radio to go on/off at a certain time of the day as though someone is inside the flat;
  • Remind the management office and security guards of your housing estate to implement a registration system for visitors.  All visitors should sign in.

While you are out

Keep an eye on your personal belongings at all times, especially in crowded areas (Lunar New Year Fairs, tourist spots, shopping malls, etc).  Briefcases, backpacks and handbags should be carried in front of your body. Put your valuables in the inner compartments, as there are safer than the outer ones.

  • Keep distance from the person standing behind you on escalators.
  • Pay attention to the traffic condition before crossing the road. Do not stand near the curb or too close to the moving vehicles.  Pay extra attention to those who stand close, lest they are pickpockets.
  • If a stranger calls, check thoroughly their identity and the purpose of calling. Do not hesitate to enquire again if in doubt. Do not believe the words of a stranger;
  • Do not be tempted if a stranger offers to provide you with a money changing service or peddles goods at an extremely low price;
  • Do not make investment or gamble with strangers.  Never agree to accept what they claim so as to avoid deception.


Electronic payments are recommended. Avoid paying with large amounts of cash. Cash should also be kept separately when shopping.

  • Make sure your valuables are with you all the time, regardless of whether you are shopping, dining or trying on clothes. Keep things in your sight, or looked after by your friends.  Never leave personal belongings unattended or create opportunities for thieves.

Report to the Police

If your personal safety is threatened, scream and dial 999.