Protect Your Money

Crime Matters

Crime Prevention Bureau(CPB)

The best way of moving cash is to get a security company to do it: this saves you and your staff from worry or possible injury.

Remember that a thief is likely to strike when you least expect it.

If you don't employ a cash escort service, here are some guidelines to protect your money during delivery.

  • Use at least two physically fit and reliable staff;

  • Frequent changes of routes, dates and times of delivery. Try to use a different branch of your bank from time to time. If you have a choice, use a busy route. Special care should be taken during delivery;

  • It is better to carry small amounts of cash more frequently rather than a large amount all at once. Consider using cash-carrying garments, alarm bags or dummy bags to distract thieves;

  • A vehicle carrying a large amount of money should be escorted by another vehicle which keeps a close watch on the situation in the course of delivery. Both vehicles should be equipped with a communication system to call the police in case of robbery; and

  • Special care is needed if you use a night safe as it is normally quieter at night and the risk of attack is greater.

Cash collection services

If you often have to transport large amounts of cash to a bank, you should consider using a professional cash collection service. The advantages are:

  • greater security ;
  • greater convenience ;
  • time saving ;
  • certainty that the cash will be delivered, and most importantly ;
  • removal of risk to your employees.