Do Not Fall Victim to Sexual Assault

Crime Matters

Crime Prevention Bureau(CPB)

Hong Kong is a safe city, but different types of sexual offences still exist and offenders could be anyone regardless of nationality or occupation. Even so, the risk of encountering sexual assaults can be greatly reduced by adopting simple preventive measures.

Police Advice

If you feel that you have been assaulted, quickly respond in the following ways:

  • Eyes – observe the offender’s behaviour;
  • Hands – push the offender away if assaulted;
  • Legs – leave the place; and
  • Mouth – scream if it is safe to do so.

On the Street

  • Stay watchful of people and things around;
  • Always go out with reliable friends. Be alert when coming across people you do not know;
  • Leave a certain place immediately if you don’t feel safe staying there;
  • Make sure your mobile phone has enough battery and is near at hand for emergency calls; and
  • If you feel sexually offended, dial 999 for the Police or seek help from reliable persons around.

At Home

  • Avoid staying alone with someone of the opposite sex;
  • In case of emergency, activate your personal alarm device to draw others’ attention and ward off the offender; and
  • Lock the bedroom door before going to bed, and place your mobile phone nearby. If someone intrudes into your bedroom, scream and call the Police. 

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