Tips For Personal Safety Crime Prevention Bureau(CPB)


Hong Kong is generally a safe city but the risk of you becoming the victim of crime does exist. This risk can be greatly reduced by taking some simple, sensible precautions.

At home
  • Make sure your home is secure (see also the advice on domestic security).

  • Use a mobile telephone or a second telephone line for added security.

  • Draw your curtains after dark. If you notice any suspicious characters outside, dial 999.

  • If you see signs of a break-in at your home, don't go in. Call the police.

  • Don't give any information when answering the telephone. If a stranger calls, don't say you are alone.

  • Don't say you are out on an answering machine message.

  • If you receive a threatening, annoying or obscene telephone call, hang up without speaking or reacting at all. If the calls continue, inform the police.

  • If you are selling your home or letting out a room, don't show people around on your own.

On public transport
  • Sit next to the driver if the bus is empty.

  • Keep valuable items such as mobile phones or music players out of sight or safely secured.

  • Don't sleep while travelling.

Driving alone

  • Keep to main roads where possible.

  • Keep valuables out of sight.

  • Check your car before getting out.

  • Lock your car after getting in or out.

  • Park in well-lit areas.

Walking alone
  • Be alert, keep to well-lit areas.

  • Don't walk at night if possible.

  • Walk facing oncoming traffic and away from alleys and doorways.

  • Don't enter a lift with strangers. If threatened, scream and run away.

  • Cover up expensive jewellery and avoid carrying large sums of cash.

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