Crime Prevention Work

Crime Matters

Crime Prevention Bureau(CPB)

The objective of crime prevention is to reduce the likelihood of a crime occurring, decrease the number of victims and to minimise the losses caused by those crimes. While it is the role of the Police to combat crimes, the public is encouraged to adopt crime prevention measures.

Crime Prevention Work of the Police Force

Crime Prevention Bureau and Regional Crime Prevention Offices are responsible for the crime prevention work of the Police. We offer the following types of advice: -

Security Surveys

Security surveys for individual premises to identify any security loopholes and give advice to property owners to reduce risks.

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

Architects and planners are encouraged to incorporate security concepts into the design of new premises.

Security Design

Incorporating security concepts into the design of new premises will reduce the cost of these security measures.

Security Equipment

Various types of security equipment are displayed at the New Territories North Regional Crime Prevention Office.

Security Seminars

We will organise security seminars for companies, organisations and various groups. Our crime prevention officers will offer assistance and advice whenever possible.