Stay Safe, Be Alert - Counter Terrorism Information

Crime Matters

The global terrorism trend is complicated and volatile.  Public preparedness is important in the fight against terrorism.  What should you do when you come across anything suspicious?  What should you do in an emergent situation?

We all have a part to play in countering terrorism.  By knowing more on terrorism prevention, you could save your live and the lives of the people around you.

“Stay Safe, Be Alert” is an integrated platform to disseminate useful counter terrorism information, including (i) “Run, Hide, Report”, safety advice in the event of a violent attack; (ii) “Stay Vigilant to Bomb”, information of how to identify suspicious objects and how to respond when suspected bomb is found; (iii) “Spot and Report”, a guide on how to identify terrorism-related activities and make a report; (iv) an introduction of the composition and functions of “Inter-departmental Counter Terrorism Unit” (ICTU).

Security Bureau has issued a booklet – “Hong Kong Safe Harbour” to advise the public on what the Government has been doing to keep the public safe, what everyone can do to help, what to do in an emergency, and to give advice on essential first aid.

ICTU also launched the “Safe Community Newsletter”, a counter-terrorism-themed periodical that aims to enhance public counter terrorism awareness and enlist their cooperation with the government in taking steps to counter terrorism and create a safe community together.

To encourage the public to provide intelligence or terrorism related crimes, the Police has launched a “Counter-terrorism (CT) Reporting Hotline 63-666-999”, with SMS and WeChat reporting features. Also, members of public who take the initiatives to make reports and provide reliable terrorism-related information to Police will stand a chance of getting a “CT reward”.