iTunes Gift Card Stop-payment Mechanism

Crime Matters


Culprits of technology crime namely compensated dating scam and naked chat scam lure victims to purchase iTunes gift cards as payment or as means to pay ransom. With a view to assisting the victims to retrieve the deceived funds, CSTCB has maintained collaboration with Apple to develop a stop-payment mechanism facilitating the victims to prevent loss as early as possible.

Stop-payment Mechanism as follows,

  1. Victims report the case to the Police with statement taken
  2. Victims go to website (
  3. Follow path: “iTunes Store" -> “Gift Card & Codes” -> “Gift Card Scams” -> “Continue” Choose “Call” or “Chat” as contact method and liaise with Apple Support for the email address for submission of the application form to initiate a refund procedure
  4. Apple will provide an email address to victims for submitting the form to Apple electronically.

Click here to download iTunes Gift Card Stop-payment Application Form

*Disclaimer: This form is designed for the purpose of gathering relevant information to initiate the refund application process. Nothing in this form will be construed as a guarantee of the outcome of refunding application.