"No More Ransom” Project

Crime Matters

With a view to enhancing multi-agency collaborations across the globe and combating ransomware, Hong Kong Police Force has formally joined the anti-ransomware project “No More Ransom”, which was initiated by Europol, the Dutch National Police and two cyber security companies. This global anti-ransomware project, which has been joined by overseas law enforcement agencies and Information Technology industry, offers an online platform (www.nomoreransom.org) providing the below free-of-charge services to the general public:

  1. Analysis of Ransomware

    Victims can upload the ransomware encrypted file, the e-mail address, URL or bitcoin address of the encrypted message onto the platform. The platform will try to identify the type of ransomware and provide the relevant decryption tool if available. If no relevant decryption tool is available, the platform will advise the victim to report to a respective law enforcement agency.

  2. Online Database

    The platform provides relevant information on ransomware to raise the public understanding of the types of ransomware as well as ways of attack and infection, etc.

  3. Prevention Advice

    The platform provides prevention advice according to the research on the global scenario affected by different ransomware.

  4. Decryption Tools

    Law enforcement agencies and cyber security companies jointly study cases affected by ransomware and upload the developed decryption tools onto the platform so that the public can try to recover the affected files. Please note: the decryption tools may not be available for all kinds of ransomware. Since ransomware evolves rapidly and it takes time to develop corresponding decryption tools, the solution may not be available for the latest types of ransomware.

  5. Reporting to Law Enforcement

    The platform provides information and hyperlinks for reporting to law enforcement agencies joined the scheme.