Be a Smart Netizen – Beware of Technology Crime

Modern technology is almost inseparable from our daily lives. However, criminals routinely and actively exploit our reliance on modern technology to commit technology crime.

If members of the public are not aware, they can easily fall prey to online swindlers and other cyber criminals.  Hence, it is the job of CSTCB to remind all netizens to be vigilant and thereby avoid potential crime hazards.

Whilst the actual methods may be different, technology crime is not that much different to traditional crime in terms of basic principles.  Below we give explanations of the more common technology crimes such as online scams, and recommendations on how to be a smart netizen.

Common technology crimes include:

Web page element  Social Media Deception
Web page element  Botnets
Web page element  Website Defacement
Web page element  Internet Fraud
Web page element  Online Theft
Web page element  Illegal Materials