Online Naked Chat Blackmail

As technology is advancing rapidly, computer and information technology have brought convenience to the public, facilitating people from all walks of life and different age groups to obtain information and make contact with friends and relatives on the Internet.  It is increasingly common for the public to use the Internet on which they connect with people they know by emails, social networking websites and messaging software.  Also, the public would make new friends online by these means.

In recent years, there are swindlers approaching victims on the Internet through social networking platforms or instant messaging software in the name of ‘making friends’.  The swindlers would then induce the victims to be naked or make some indecent exposures in front of network cameras.  Later on, the swindlers would claim that they have the video clips of the victims’ naked bodies on hand and blackmail the victims into remitting money to a foreign bank account; otherwise they would upload the video clips to the Internet.

The Police appeal to the public of the following:

When you make friends on the Internet, remember to adopt a prudent attitude to avoid falling into the traps set by culprits and thus incurring losses: “Don’t trust people in the cyber world; Be vigilant when meeting new friends”.  Anyone who blackmails on the Internet may have committed “Blackmail” and shall be liable on conviction to a maximum penalty of imprisonment for 14 years.