Traffic Matters

Selected Traffic Enforcement Priorities (STEP) 2022


  • To reduce the number of people killed and seriously injured in traffic accidents;
  • To change the irresponsible behaviour of road users that obstructs traffic flow; and
  • To address issues of community concern centred on irresponsible road user behaviour.

COP 2022

Road Safety is one of Commissioner of Police’s Operational Priority (COP) and the enforcement element is addressed via STEP.

STEP 2022

STEP 2022 focuses on offences that cause traffic accidents, obstruct traffic flow and affect the community.

3 ‘E’ Approach

The Force adopts a multi-agency three ‘E’ approach to achieve the above Aims.

  1. Engineering
  2. Engagement
  3. Enforcement

Road Safety Campaigns & STEP Operations

Road safety campaigns and traffic operations focusing on different road users are held throughout the year taking into account the prevailing trend of traffic accidents and related offences. Campaigns are designed to educate road users of good road use standards and encourage responsible road users. During STEP operations, concerted enforcement actions will be taken against those road users who choose to contravene the STEP offences.


STEP 2022