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Missing Persons Unit

There is a specialised missing person unit located in each of the five regional headquarters (their contacts are here). They are responsible for investigating, correlating and disseminating all the missing persons reports received by police stations.

What Information is Needed?

If you wish to file a missing person report, it will help us if you bring along with you the following information about the missing person :

  • A recent photograph and physical description (hair, clothes as last seen, weight, height and distinguishing features such as scars) of the missing person;
  • A contact list of friends or associates with addresses, phone numbers, email accounts or ICQ numbers etc;
  • Details of when and where they were last seen or heard from;
  • Likely destinations e.g. favourite places, work locations or places with past connection;
  • Any medical record or prescription requirements.

How can you help?

You may also help our investigation by conducting the following initial actions before making the report:

  • Enquire with your and/or the missing person's relatives, neighbours and friends;
  • Enquire with the missing person's school or workplace.

Contacting Us

If you know the whereabouts or can add to the circumstances of a person classified as missing, please notify us through the following channels :

  • To any police officer;
  • To any police station;
  • By telephone to one of the Regional Missing Persons Units ;
  • By letter to the General Post Office Box No. 999, Hong Kong
  • By Fax to the Crime Information Faxline (852)2520-2828;
  • Urgent information should be passed to 999.

Cancellation of a Missing Person Report

No individual other than the person reported missing, may initiate the cancellation of a missing person report.

If you have been reported missing and you wish to cancel the report, you may do so by contacting the Duty Officer of any of the police stations for arrangements (check the locations and telephone numbers at this link).

5 Regional Missing Persons Units:
RMPU HKI - 2860 1040
RMPU KE - 3661 0316
RMPU KW - 3661 8039
RMPU NTN - 3661 3112
RMPU NTS - 3661 1176

In Emergency always call 999.