Honorary College Appointments

Honorary College Advisors

Since 2006, the Hong Kong Police College (the Police College) has been appointing academia, professionals and retired senior police officers as Honorary Advisors (Advisors).  Over the years, these Advisors have made significant contribution by giving advice on police training, and also the development of organisational learning capability of the Force as well as by sharing their expert knowledge and experience at training forums, knowledge management activities and other events of the Police College.

The Police College enjoys now the service of a total of 35 Advisers, and would explore further collaboration with them, striving to become a leading centre of excellence in policing training and development in the international arena.

Honorary College Advisors

Honorary Research Fellowship Scheme

The importance of police research and evidence-based policing as the fundamentals of policing excellence cannot be over-emphasised. The Police College has been attaching great importance to fostering collaboration with both local and overseas reputable training and research institutes.

With a view to leveraging the research expertise of reputable training and research institutes in expanding the Force research capability, the Police College launched the Honorary Research Fellowship Scheme in April 2015, appointing renowned and suitable academia from local and overseas universities as Honorary Research Fellows.

Under the scheme, renowned university professors are appointed as Honorary Research Fellows to conduct research projects on topics of common interest, jointly or in collaboration with the Force. Through the evidence-based research projects, practical policing practices can be developed and refined. The research output is then translated into evidence-based policing measures and in the way the interests of society as a whole are served.

At present, the Police College has appointed six academia from local universities as Honorary Senior Research Fellows and Honorary Research Fellows.