Notes to Applicants in HK


──For applicants, disregarding their nationality, who are present in HK or about to visit HK and able to make the application in person at our office

The issuance of Certificates of No Criminal Conviction (CNCC) is a charged service provided by the Hong Kong Police Force which is solely in connection with a person's application for various types of visa, such as visit, student or resident visa, or for adoption of children. Applications for the Certificate for any other purposes will not be accepted.

Please download the form to your device and the latest version of the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and fill in the form (indicating with * below).

Application Procedures and Documentation Requirements

2. All applicants shall attend in person the Certificate of No Criminal Conviction Office, which is located at: 14/F, Arsenal House, Police Headquarters, 1 Arsenal Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong. Operating hours for receiving applications with payment are:

Monday - Friday

9:00 am – 5:15 pm*

*Payment with cash / by cheque at Police Shroff closes between 1:00 pm and 2:00 pm and at 5:00 pm

Saturday, Sunday/Public Holiday


3. The applicant shall bring along the documents listed below (click to print the checklist). All the listed documents (except items c and f) are mandatory. Please also read the Frequently Asked Questions before submission of application.


The ORIGINAL of signed “Application form*

(Please click here for a sample form)

The ORIGINAL of signed “Fingerprint consent form*

(Please refer to paragraph 8 below for details)

Standard personal data form* (Optional)

(Only required for visa applications)
d. The ORIGINAL of the Applicant’s Hong Kong Identity Card (if the applicant is a HK resident) / valid Travel Document

The ORIGINAL and a PHOTOCOPY (for each applicant) of a request letter from the relevant Consulate / Immigration Authority / Government Authority, which contains the applicant’s name and clearly indicates that the production of the Certificate is required.

There should also be a POSTAL ADDRESS of the relevant Consulate / Immigration Authority / Government Authority since the application result will be directly sent to them by registered mail. (Please refer to paragraphs 9 to 12 below for details)

If only the electronic copy of the request letter is available, please print it out for submission.


The ORIGINAL and a PHOTOCOPY of the documents proving the applicant’s relationship with the “visa principal applicant” for the application, such as a marriage certificate, birth certificate, etc.

(Only required if the request letter in item ‘e’ above only mentioned the name of the principal applicant and terms such as “sponsor” / “dependent” / “partner” and does not contain the applicant’s own name)

Processing fee of HK$250 per person (Please note that the processing fee will be adjusted to HK$283 per person with effect from 11 March 2024.). Payment by cash, Octopus cards, EPS or crossed cheques payable to "The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region" are accepted. Regarding the abbreviations on the bank draft / personal cheque, you may write 'The Government of Hong Kong SAR'.

Add-value service for Octopus cards is not available at this office.

4. Electronic copy of application documents (if any) must be printed out. Printing service is not available at this office. For the application form, standard personal data form and fingerprint consent form, which can be downloaded via the links in paragraphs 3(a) to (c) above, only their printout appended with applicant’s handwritten signature will be accepted. The application process does not support electronic submission.

5. Application documents issued in languages other than Chinese or English, shall be accompanied with an official transcript, in Chinese or English, as certified either by the issuing authority, or a government-recognized translation services body.

Online and Telephone Appointment in Advance

6. Applicants shall make an advance appointment through the Online Booking System (OBS) ( or the Auto-Telephone Answering System at 2396 5351, no less than one day in advance of the intended appointment. Walk-in application will not be entertained.

7. When making an appointment, you can choose any working day in the upcoming 60 days, unless the appointment sessions available for that particular day have been fully booked. If there is a cancellation of booking, the relevant timeslot will also be released for a new booking immediately.

Consent for Fingerprint Taking and Authorization to Disclose Criminal Records

8. By signing the Fingerprint consent form mentioned in paragraph 3(b) above, applicants consent to have their fingerprints taken and retained by the Hong Kong Police Force as well as that details of any criminal conviction recorded against him or her can be disclosed to the appropriate Consulate / Immigration Authority / Government Authority without prior reference to him or her.

Processing Time of Applications and Issuance of Certificate

9. Upon receipt of complete application documents and the required processing fee, if no criminal conviction data against the applicant is kept by the Hong Kong Police Force, we shall issue the Certificate and send it directly by registered mail of the Hongkong Post to the relevant Consulate / Immigration Authority / Government Authority within four calendar weeks. Applicants will NOT receive any copy of the Certificate.

10. If criminal conviction data is found, both the relevant Consulate / Immigration Authority / Government Authority and the applicant will be replied with a letter advising that the Certificate could not be issued and listing out the conviction data by registered mail of the Hongkong Post within the prescribed period.

11. If the applicant is under investigation by the Hong Kong Police Force / law enforcement agencies in Hong Kong, or is currently a defendant in criminal proceedings in Hong Kong, or is subject of non-payment of fine including traffic offences, his/her application will not be further processed until the matter concerned has been concluded. We shall issue a letter to the applicant informing that his/her application is pending conclusion of the matter. Once there are no outstanding matters, a Certificate or letter will be issued, in accordance with paragraphs 9 to 10 above.

12. Please refer to the Hongkong Post website to enquire the time required for the delivery of a registered mail. However, it may also be affected by the local postal service of destination country.

Handling of Personal Data

13. The personal data provided by the applicants will only be used for the purpose of processing their applications. Every applicant has the right to request for access and correction of his or her personal data, by sending a written request to the Chief Inspector (Support) Identification Bureau on 10/F, Arsenal House West Wing, Police Headquarters, 1 Arsenal Street, Wanchai, Hong Kong. In order to recover the administrative cost of acceding to the request, the applicant may be charged for any copy of the data requested, and in most cases, the prevailing government rate for photocopies will apply. All fingerprints and other personal data collected will be destroyed within a reasonable period of time upon conclusion of the application process.


14. For enquiries, please send them to:


Certificate of No Criminal Conviction Office
14/F, Arsenal House
Police Headquarters
1 Arsenal Street, Wan Chai Hong Kong


(852) 2200 4321


(852) 2860 6557

*Applicants are advised to contact us by email as the hotline service is busy during peak periods.

Email Address: