Advisory Guidelines on Location Filming


Location filming in public places does not generally require permission from the Government, except when the filming is going to take place on property under government control, or when resembled 'uniform' or accoutrements of the government forces, modified firearms & blank ammunition, road closure and special effects material to create special effect for filming are being used.

Police policy insofar as compatible with the maintenance of law and order, is to facilitate the Film/Television/Production companies engaged in location filming. Police officers would not interfere with location filming unless the law is being breached or they have good grounds to believe it will be breached.

The Film/Television/Production companies are encouraged to inform the Public Relations Wing (PR) of their intention to carry out location film shooting, giving the date, time, place and scenario especially with scenes involving fighting, pursuits and the use of toy guns or knives. Please send the Location Filming Notification Form to TV and Film Liaison Section 3 working days prior to the filming. The information will be passed to relevant Police formations to ensure the filming activities be proceeded smoothly while the law and order is also being maintained.