Care Card Scheme


Mentally incapacitated persons (MIPs) may feel helpless and anxious when they encounter situations out of their daily routine, such as getting lost, encountering an accident, being a victim of crime or being involved in a police investigation. At these critical moments, timely attention to their needs and seeking early assistance from their guardians are essential.

The Care Card Scheme is to let those in need have their medical and communication needs and emergency contacts available. MIPs can carry the card in case of an emergency e.g. getting lost, being injured accidentally or being victimized in a crime. Furthermore, if they are subject to an enquiry by law-enforcement officers but are not accompanied by any friends or relatives, the law-enforcement officers can become aware of their medical and communication needs, and inform their friends and/or relatives to render assistance.

The carrying of Care Card is entirely voluntary and the Police would not keep the information contained in the card. We hope that the Care Card can provide another option to offer quick assistance to MIPs.

The Care Card would be available on request at police stations, integrated family services centers, medical social services units at public hospitals, special schools and residential care homes for MIPs, relevant NGOs and MIP Parents’ Groups.