Police Dog Adoption Programme

Retired police dog lives with pets harmoniously

Like policemen, police dogs too have a term of service. What happens to retired police dogs? Their Dog Handlers will usually apply to take them back home and keep them as pets. What happens then to those that do not end up as their former Dog Handlers’ pets? The Force will match police dogs that are about to be retired with suitable adoption families. Members of the public who are interested in keeping retired police dogs as pets can also submit applications to the Unit. However, the Unit is very particular about the applicants’ family situation and living environment because police dogs, as energetic work dogs, need spacious living areas. It goes without saying that the Force wishes its dogs to retire in comfort after years of hard work and loyal service. Apart from their living environment, the applicants’ experience in keeping dogs as pets is also a key consideration in the final approval of the application. The Unit will not hand a retired police dog over to a family that has no experience at all in keeping dogs. It is our wish that our retired canine comrades will spend the rest of their lives with loving families. It is our way of thanking them for their years of dedicated service.

Application form (PDF format)

Q1. What are the criteria in selecting a family to adopt a retiring Police Dog?
  1. Enough space for the dog to exercise;
  2. The family has time to look after the dog;
  3. Have experience in keeping a dog. A previous puppy foster family or retired police dog adoption family may apply to adopt.
Q2. Is there any other restriction?
  1. It is essential that the deed of covenant in respect of the applicant’s residence must not forbid keeping of dogs. In any case, keeping dogs should not annoy the neighbourhood.
  2. The Unit will not approve adoption of more than one retired police dog or puppy for a family at any one time. Since our retiring Police Dogs have served Hong Kong tirelessly for years, we want to ensure they will receive great care and enjoy their retirement.