Checking of Identification Documents


Inspection of proof of identity

This is a general guide for information of the public. It is not intended to represent the precise legal position, and should therefore not be used as a basis for any final decision on the merits of police action in these areas. Those persons seeking further information on this subject may obtain assistance at any police report room.

  • In accordance with Section 17C "Carrying and production of proof of identity' of "Immigration Ordinance" (Cap 115) of Hong Kong Law, a police officer has power to inspect the proof of identity of any person. Any person who fails to produce proof of his identity for inspection as required by the law will commit an offence.

  • In accordance with Section 17B of "Immigration Ordinance" (Cap 115) of Hong Kong Law, "proof of identity" includes:

    • a valid identity card;
    • a document issued by the Commissioner of Registration;
    • a valid travel document;
    • a Vietnamese refugee card issued; or
    • any identity document held by person who is exempted by law.

  • If any person fails to produce his proof of identity for inspection on demand, he should give a reasonable explanation and evidence to prove his identity to any police officer in a reasonable time and circumstance. Depending on the circumstances and attitude of the person being checked, a police officer may issue a verbal warning, bring the person back to the police station for further enquiry, take summons action or even arrest the person concerned.